United Sports of America is a Non-Profit organization offering a platform for various sports leagues, tournaments and events for youth and adults located in the Bay Area.


Our aim is to focus on low to moderate youth from underprivileged communities with a focus on entry into sports. Our programs focus on helping the youth make sound decisions through sports-life connections such as health, social skills, financial education, problem solving, etc. Our programs help prepare young kids for real world challenges.

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To serve low to moderate income families by providing youth sport programs and financial literacy to underprivileged kids.


A platform for youth and adults in underserved communities. A few local public schools lost their sports programs and gave little to no hope for kids to stay physically active and for these youth to have an interest in playing an organized sport. Our aim is to provide a platform for low to moderate income families (youth and adults) to participate in sports and to be physically active. We offer information, training, practice, camps, after school programs, leagues, and tournaments. Not only will we provide this platform to low to moderate income families (youth and adults) in the Bay area, but our goal is to expand to all regions throughout the United States to help underprivileged kids.


Youth sports participation rates have been in a steady decline across the nation over the past decade. Budget cuts to athletic departments and physical education programs in schools throughout the country are increasing as well. As a result, more and more kids are don't have the accessibility to participate in physical activity in their own communities. We are here to provide that opportunity for youth in underprivileged communities to be physical active and participate in sports.

According to sport and physical health studies*:

Because of this, childhood obesity rates have been increasing rapidly. Per the Centers for Disease Control, childhood obesity rates have more than doubled in children and more than quadrupled in adolescents over the past 30 years, leaving more than one-third of the nations youth overweight or obese.

*National Association for Sport and Physical Education, American Heart Association, Sports and Fitness Industry Association and the Physical Activity Council.


United Sports of America is helping to solve the health and wellness issues youth face everyday. The benefits of physical activity can have lasting effectives on the mind and body, which is vital for youth. We are here to provide a platform for underprivileged youth to participate in physically active sports for their own well being.